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Anne Duk Hee Jordan | Jacob Kirkegaard | Luke Munn | Virginie Rebetez | Sam Smith

May 09th - 25th, 2014

Zweigstelle, Berlin (DE)

Winner of Zweigstelle Berlin exhibitions' call, this project received the kind support of DECS - Fondo SwissLoss and Canton Vaud.

Photos: ©Mattia Zanelli

This exhibition project aimed to show how young, international artists from the Berlin scene explore their relationship with the passage of time, the construction of memory and the fading memory. Oblivion showed the tension between consciousness of time and the fear of disappearing without leaving a trace.


Its complement is Oblio (Broken Dimanche Press, Berlin, 2014), not only a catalogue of the exhibited works, but also a literary collection of writings from different contributors on the topic of memory.


In the frame of the exhibition, I organised several events, such as the launch of Oblio during the opening night, a lecture-performance with producer and writer Craig Schüften on May 16th, and a sound performance by Elisa Storelli and Constantin Engelmann during the finissage on May 24th.

After Berlin, Oblivion was also shown in Switzerland at larada, Locarno (Dec 21st 2014 - Jan 18th 2015).

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