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I am a European curator and writer.


You can find me in Berlin and Warsaw, sometimes in Switzerland near a big lake. We can communicate in English, French, Italian, German, and a few more idioms if you like. We can play chess, I can read you kabbalistic Tarot cards. 

Among other activities such as observing

dragonflies and black holes, I like to translate ideas in exhibitions and in texts, as well as to write about, but not only, photography, painting, and installation. 

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Conversation N.1 - with Nina Haab, Emmanuelle Antille, Isaline Vuille, Laura Thiong-Toye

Swiss Art Awards 2020

Usine Kugler, Genève, Switzerland

October 10th

Constellations Critiques. Panel discussion moderated by Eric De Chassey

30 years of Archives de la Critiques d'Art

Musée de Beaux Arts de Rennes, France

March 4th


"ERROR 403: FORBIDDEN. Decapitazioni e p0rn0: moderazione di immagini, iconoclasmo online e l'emergere del tecno-proletariato"

Immagine e Memoria nell'Era Digitale. Prospettive filosofiche, storiche e antropologiche. Convegno internazionale, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Napoli, Italy

Feb 21st


"A Brave New Virtual World"

51st AICA International Congress | Taiwan

National University for Education (Sage Hall), Taipei, Taiwan

Nov 17th

"Lubricant for Pinocchio. Human – machine interactions and the myth of human nature"

International Festival for Philosophy: Human Nature, 9/27-30/2018,  Ischia, Italy

Sept 28th

"Futurability in the shitstorm. Viruses of the New"

Lumpen Universität at Espace Libre, Bienne/Biel, Switzerland

June 17th


"Narratives and encounters. Notes for a curatorial praxis"

Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Czech Republic

Nov 30th 

"Don't forget to feed the troll: re-imagining post-Internet values"

International Festival for Philosophy Values: Continuity and Change, 09/23-10.01/2017, Ischia, Italy

Sept 30th


"Living the consensual-hallucination: a short history of cyber art"

Keynote speaker, AICA National Congress, ETOPIA Centro de Arte y Tecnologia, Universidad de Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain

Sept 22nd

"Cccritic! Nel piatto in cui si mangia"

Sonnenstube Art Space, Lugano, Switzerland

Feb 12th


"The place where the vision creeks"

Invited lecturer for Nina Haab Salon Identity of a Resident Stranger

KW Institute for contemporary art, Berlin, Germany

Jan 12th


"Curatorial Toolkit for Cultural Apprentices"

MASC, Museo de Arte de Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil

Dec 08th

"Tumbling down the rabbit hole"

Art Criticism 2.0 international conference at Research Center of the Academy of Visual Arts in Prague and Vera Jirousová Award, Prague, Czech Republic

Nov 05th


"What's Next? Considerations about Art Criticism, Social Media and Internet Freedom"

AICA International Congress: Art Criticism in the Labyrinth, 8th-16th October 2014, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art,

Seoul, South Korea

Oct 10th

Panels moderation


near at B11: traces and non-places, discussion with near members Salvatore Vitale, Aline D'Auria, Igor Ponti, Gianpaolo Minelli, during the 11th Biennale dell'Immagine Chiasso

Cons Arc Gallery, Chiasso, Switzerland

Sept 29th


Focus with Margherita Pevere and Ivan Penov about their work Impromptus,

TheParders event 2017

Spazio ELLE, Locarno, Switzerland

August 5th


Discussion with Monica Dovarch and Franco Lurà

after the projection of  S'Orchestra in Limba

TheParders event 2016

Mono spazio condiviso, Locarno, Switzerland

August 9th

Current (academic and curatorial) research

- Art criticism on online platforms, online art hacktivism, interactions within offline spaces and online spaces, socially engaged cultural production and curation in the post-digital age

- Memory, disappearance and traces, concept of time, notions of storytelling

- Power structures and relations through visual infrastructures (in advertising and press)



"La police s'en va au musée: une étude sur la réappropriation muséale et artistique de la photographie judiciaire"

International conference Police: between fiction and non-fiction, 03/28-29/2013, CNRS, Paris, France

March 29th


"Target: Iraq. Typologies de représentation de la violence en photographie de guerre"

in frame of the exhibition Histoires de violence, LAC Vevey – Local d'art contemporain, Vevey, Switzerland (www.l-a-c.ch)

Feb 03rd