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Savio Debernardis - Stand at the edge. Stage the end.

Photos: ©Bobby Jo Brooks

Savio Debernardis is as eclectic as his practice. As a performer and video maker, he is interested in the performative aspects that are present and may reveal them self at every moment in everyday life. His subtle look reaches to deeply understand the hidden forces moving us unconscionably: intellect, for sure, but also feelings related to the instincts of the flesh, of hunger and sex.

In his first solo exhibition Stand at the edge. Stage the end, Debernardis presents his most recent video work, L'insensatezza della vita quotidiana si riduce ai resti di un pasto non consumato, a 20-minutes video going on on a loop that shows the filmic material he collected from 2010 and 2015 recording his family eating at the home table during festivities, along with Mr Debernardis got talent (2012).

Enabling a clever analysis of what we are and what made us human, Debernardis plays with the stages we inhabit in our everyday life, reversing points of view and amplifying unusual perspectives in order to bring his audience through a delicate yet progressive climax, for then leaving them right before the moment to become too narrative or too explicit, as stopping filming a woman on a cliff standing right at the edge of the jump.

On April 29th, during Berlin Gallery Weekend 2017, the artist performed live L'insensatezza della vita quotidiana si riduce ai resti di un pasto non consumato.

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