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Uncanny Valley

Kaori Yamashita | EunJi Gim | Vera Galesev

April 4th, 2015

Pop-Up exhibition, 7pm - Midnight

Kreuzberg Pavillon project space, Berlin (DE)

Photos: ©Heiko Pfreundt

The body is at the center of the exhibition Uncanny Valley, displaying the works of Serbian, South Korean and Japanese artists Vera Galešev, Eun Ji Gim and Kaori Yamashita. Here, video, photography and sculpture come together to celebrate the physical variety of interconnections and perceptions about the three-dimensional object, which is a melting pot of antithesis: familiar and unfamiliar, peculiar and ordinary, alive and decaying.


Are we looking at human bodies or at mannequins? Are they avatars or real subjects? According to the theory of the “uncanny valley”, the more one object is similar to a human figure, the more the viewer will consider it friendly and will relate to it; however, if the object’s appearance is too close to a real body, the human brain will bug, while not understanding anymore the nature of what has been looking at.

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