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EunJi Gim - Verwandlungen

Sept 17th - 20th, 2015 

pop-up event in an empty apartment

Bornholmer Strasse 76, Berlin (DE)

The exhibition received the kind support of Korean Arts Council.

Photos: ©EunJi Gim

Berlin-based Korean artist Eun Ji Gim took over a flat in Bornholmer Strasse 76 with a series of works revolving around the idea of metamorphosis: the metamorphosis of Gregor Samsa into a bug, but also the metamorphosis that happens while developing a photograph.

Although the transformation from the negative to the picture is reproducible as many times as possible, the metamorphosis within each process is still unique. In these terms, could we say that the exact copy -no matter if it is the multiple of one image or of one sheep - becomes a myth?

The apartment was abandoned and completely empty; the curatorial process included working closely with the artist re-enacting the places. It was chosen because of its symbolic placement since Bornholmer Strasse was at the core of an-other crucial metamorphosis: the German reunification.

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