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Nina Haab - AMNESIE

April 29th - Oct 28th 2018 

Fondazione Archivio Fotografico Roberto Donetta, Corzoneso (CH)

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Photos: ©Valentina Provini, 2018

For the Donetta Foundation in Corzoneso, I invited the Swiss artist Nina Haab to create a series of new works inspired by the places lived and the images taken by Roberto Donetta (1865-1932). After exploring the archives of the Donetta Foundation and walking through the towns of Corzoneso and Casserio, Haab decided to create a path of images and works that crosses space and time. Amnesie's works were produced specifically for the exhibition at Casa Rotonda and combine collages on industrial canvas, drawings on objects, photography and video. The exhibition also includes six original photographs of Donetta.


The exhibition Amnesie is intended as a connecting point between the present and the past, between the artistic sensibilities of Haab and Donetta through an act of re-appropriation and reinterpretation of the works of the historic photographer from Valle di Blenio.

The Donetta Foundation commissioned me to invite an artist in order to work on the Roberto Donetta Archive. The exhibition Amnesie is the second one of their triptych's circle “Donetta Reloaded”.

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