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Future, Now.

Choy Ka Fai | Li Hui | Ryo Kato | Yulia Kazakova | Jelena Martinovic | Hojun Song | Elisa Storelli


March 05th - 28th, 2015

SomoS Art House Berlin (DE)

Photos: ©Hojun Song

Time, catastrophy and mechanical bodies: this project presented seven international artists who explore different topics related to the main genre of the Science Fiction. Future, Now. is an attempt to define where SF and contemporary art meet, giving us the possibility to think about the legacy of SF through the prism of artists coming from the East of the world.

A booklet with a text by Craig Schüftan and a short story by Elisa Rusca accompanies the exhibition.

In frame of the exhibition I organised a 2-days workshop with Hojun Song, titled "Don't Compress Me", a lecture-performance night with Choy Kafai about his practice, technology and body, and a finissage-performative dinner by Yulia Kazakova and Igor Zeidel.

Future, Now. has been realised thanks to the kind support of Elektroma.

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