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Nina Haab - Il molteplice ridiventa uno

December 5th, 2019 - January 24th, 2020 

Fondazione Cesare Pavese, Santo Stefano Belbo (IT)

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Photos: ©NinaHaab, 2020

The Italian National Institute for Contemporary Art (I.N.A.C) invited me to curate an exhibition for the Foundation Cesare Pavese in Santo Stefano Belbo, Italy. I proposed a solo show of Swiss artist Nina Haab, who invested the space of the deconsecrated church of the Foundation with a large in situ installation, combining her recent photographic and sculptural series.

Il molteplice ridiventa uno presents a series of three installations from her project Missive (2017-2019). Along with them, three of the large-format photo-collages from the series Out of R.D.: Stratigrafie (2018), as well as two new sculptures from her latest project Vue sur Jersey (2019-2020).


In Haab's works, the multiple, that is to say the countless real and possible narratives, meet in a single space, become a single mass, like river tributaries that come together with the sea. Each part of the whole is simultaneously segment and unity; the whole of the exhibition space thus becomes a universe to be observed in its entirety in which we can linger to appreciate each part; each of them able to reveal to us the presence of an unprecedented, immense world curled up on itself, and in turn rich in new, unexpected combinations.

The catalogue of the exhibition, with texts in Italian and English, is issued by VersoL'Arte and distributed by Feltrinelli.

Nina Haab. Il molteplice ridiventa uno

with texts by Elisa Rusca, Pierluigi Vaccaneo, Anselmo Villata

VersoL'Arte, Roma, 2020

ISBN: 978-88-98280-41-4

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