Luka Rayski | Augustin Rebetez

PHASE TWO: Nyarlathotep

05.06 - 07.07.2019

Galeria Promocyjna - Staromiejski Dom Kultury Warsaw

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After Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear (Again) (14.12.2018 – 20.01.2019), presented at la rada, Locarno, Luka Rayski and Augustin Rebetez are together again for the second chapter of this double solo-show: Nyarlathotep.

The title of the exhibition refers to Nyarlathotep, a fictional character in H.P Lovecraft’s literary mythology. Nyarlathotep is a deity bringing chaos that doesn’t have a permanent shape. Being difficult to recognise, Nyarlathotep can move freely among people, scattering tension and confusion over humanity. Reflecting on this figure, the two artists are invited to invest the rooms with their works, encompassing video, drawings, paintings and photography.

Luka Rayski realised a monumental in situ wall mural, and presented is new series of paintings in which we look at the subjects in their potential state: a pervasive restlessness vibrate from the painted surfaces, although one cannot tell the reasons behind this anxiety since nothing is actually frightening. Rayski’s practice is not about monsters: it is about chimeric feelings emerging from one’s own mind – intangible, ghostly presences reflecting the instability of our deep, inner states.

Augustin Rebetez’s work Throw Your Shadows (2019) is a video installation (presented here as a single-channel, but originally being multi-channel) going on a loop, in which the Swiss artist combine multiple characters from his personal extravaganza. Multiple screens overlap and dance within the bigger frame, creating a composition in which the use of stroboscopic lights and stop-motion animation contributes to give a sense of jitteriness along the narration. Neon lights buzzing and electricity vibes, black crows, masks, the alternation of a palette composed essentially by black, white and red: a twisted crescendo whose climax dissolves in the darkness, where the soft mumbling of a song disappear in distant industrial noises.


The exhibition Nyarlathotep asks the visitors to interrogate themselves about the tempest around and inside us – it is indeed in the scary and exciting whirl of chaos that we might catch a glimpse of truth.

Stay tuned for PHASE THREE!

This project has been made possible thanks to the kind support of Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council, and of République et Canton du Jura.

Photo credits: ©Pawel Pogoda, 2019

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